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Bimbos & Cha Cha Lounge 
506 E. Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98122
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2006-10-31
Bar Details Last Updated: 2006-10-31
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Phone: 206.329.9978

Bar Hours:
Mon-Thurs: Noon - 11pm
Fri&Sat: Noon - Midnight
Sun: 2-10pm

Bimbos Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen is just that! They serve some good food and the atmosphere turns more club like after the dinner hour.

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Monday:Noon-11pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Tuesday:4pm-7pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Wednesday:4pm-7pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Thursday:4pm-7pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Friday:4pm-7pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Saturday:4pm-7pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas
Sunday:2pm-10pm$2.50 Well drinks & $3.25 margaritas