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Waid's Haitian Cuisine 
1212 E. Jefferson St.
Seattle, WA 98122
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2007-03-08
Bar Details Last Updated: 2007-03-08
Google Map it:Go!
Phone: 206.328.6493
Website: Click Here

Bar Hours:
11am-2am Daily I think

This place was designed and painted with LOVE in mind. In fact , it is the house of LOVE. As soon as you step foot in the door, you will actually feel it going through your body and I’m not exagerating a bit. This house is the house of “ERZULIE” who is the Goddess of love in Voodoo Culture. All those warm colors inside were specifically chosen by her and for her. That great energy that some of you had experienced is simply her presence in this place. “ERZULIE” is all LOVE and so am I. At WAIDS ,no one is allowed to eat\drink alone and I’m very adement about that rule. WAIDS is a place to make friends, its a beautiful thing. Come visit us and become part of that circle of love that is growing day by day. LOVE is a powerful energy and at WAIDS, it flows in abundance.

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Monday:4pm-7pm$3 wells & apps, $2 pbr or bud light
Tuesday:4pm-7pm$3 wells & apps, $2 pbr or bud light
Wednesday:4pm-7pm$3 wells & apps, $2 pbr or bud light
Thursday:4pm-7pm$3 wells & apps, $2 pbr or bud light
Friday:4pm-7pm$3 wells & apps, $2 pbr or bud light