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Rock Bottom 
1333 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2006-10-23
Bar Details Last Updated: 2006-10-23
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Phone: 206.623.3070
Website: Click Here
Attributes: Outdoor Seating

Bar Hours:
Monday - Thursday
Dining Room 11am -11pm
Late Night Menu 11:30pm

Friday & Saturday 
Dining Room 11am - 11pm
Late Night Menu 1:30am

Dining Room 11am - 10pm

Rock Bottom Seattle features a distinct menu, extraordinary service and unique handcrafted ales. Designed around our working brewery, our large party and banquet facilities can accommodate virtually any party. They also have free pool from 11am-4pm on weekdays.

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Monday:3pm-6pm$3 pints, wells and appetizers. Buy any steak on the menu and 2 beers are on the house.
Tuesday:3pm-6pm$3 pints, wells and appetizers. $5 beers in logo glass ($2.50 refills, keep the glass)
Wednesday:3pm-6pm$3 pints, wells and appetizers
Thursday:3pm-6pm$3 pints, wells and appetizers
Friday:3pm-6pm$3 pints, wells and appetizers
Sunday:4pm-9pmBuy any steak on the menu and 2 beers are on the house.


2 Star Rating

Review submitted: June 15, 2006
Service was slow and just, well, confused. Drinks were fine and food was mediocre. Other places offer a lot more, unless you're a middle aged woman looking to get picked up, cause there were a lot of qawking almost gray men

By: Suz

1 Star Rating

Review submitted: February 22, 2008
Coked out bartenders, inattentive servers, obnoxious tourist patrons and mediocre food make for a delicious cocktail of crap. This chain has consistently delivered the worst service I've experienced in Seattle. I haven't been back since 2005 and I've never had a problem with the Rock Bottom in Portland, so check it out if you like to point a revolver to your head with only five bullets in it.