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1312 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2007-12-18
Bar Details Last Updated: 2007-12-18
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Phone: 206.652.5222
Website: Click Here

Bar Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday, 4pm-2am

A sophisticated nightspot that reflects the history, modernity and friendliness of the city. Offers unique cocktails, an extensive wine and champagne list and a delicious small plates menu.

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Tuesday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks
Wednesday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks
Thursday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks
Friday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks
Saturday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks
Sunday:4pm-6pmDiscounted food and drinks


3 Star Rating

Review submitted: March 28, 2007
For the most part, cool, classy. They serve cucumber water. Nummmers! I just saw that some bartender was rated best bartender by Seattle magazine. That guy was an absolute douche to me & my friend when I was there in 3/07. And we are cute girls. Otherwise, it's a good place to be fancy.

By: The Lush

5 Star Rating Editorial Review Submitted June 21, 2007

It's cool, okay?  Funky, fresh, modern, minimal. 
Really, just turn off your ipod as you're walking
downtown, and you will hear Vessel announcing that it
is all of these things. Sitting next to the Fifth
Avenue Theatre, the new lounge is staking its future
on catering to the same clientele that keeps New York
City's Theatre district buzzing deep into the a.m.   

Vessel excels in being intentionally artsy and now. 
But somehow, it works.  The stark white walls, an
absolutely magnificent translucent staircase, sleek
furnishings from Designs Within Reach, and a
black-clad staff lend this après-work hotspot an air
of international sophistication that some would say
Seattle has desperately needed. It could be Berlin, it
could Hong Kong, and after a couple of pleasantly
strong drinks from their talented bartenders, you
might actually think it is.   The happy hour menu is
very reasonable, their homemade ginger-beer is ready
to accept your favorite scotch for the perfect
old-school libation, and the dinner menu is
surprisingly tasty, suggesting there is genuine
quality behind the artifice.  It may not be the
Emerald City circa "Singles", but Vessel offers a
worthwhile excursion from our ordinary.

Derek Zoolander would love it here.  For a few hours
you might too.

By: j. spy

3 Star Rating

Review submitted: November 29, 2007

3 Star Rating

Review submitted: August 10, 2009