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Chinook's at Salmon Bay 
1900 W Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98109
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2005-12-02
Bar Details Last Updated: 2005-12-02
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Phone: 206.283.4665
Website: Click Here
Attributes: Outdoor Seating

Bar Hours:
Saturday: 7:30  11:30
Sunday: 7:30  1:30

Monday to Friday: 11:00  4:00
Saturday: 11:30  4:00

Monday to Thursday: 4:00  10:00
Friday and Saturday: 4:00  11:00
Sunday: 1:30  10:00

Chinook's at Salmon Bay is a casual, high-energy seafood restaurant located in Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal. This unique location has been the base of the North Pacific fishing fleet since 1913 with over 700 commercial fishing vessels calling it home. Chinook's is perfect for family dining.

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Monday:4pm-6pm$2.50-$2.50 apps, $4 wells, $3.95 drink specials
Tuesday:4pm-6pm$2.50-$2.50 apps, $4 wells, $3.95 drink specials
Wednesday:4pm-6pm$2.50-$2.50 apps, $4 wells, $3.95 drink specials
Thursday:4pm-6pm$2.50-$2.50 apps, $4 wells, $3.95 drink specials
Friday:4pm-6pm$2.50-$2.50 apps, $4 wells, $3.95 drink specials