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BluWater Bistro 
1001 Fairview N
Seattle, WA 98109
Happy Hours Last Updated: 2008-06-30
Bar Details Last Updated: 2008-06-30
Google Map it:Go!
Phone: 206.447.0769
Website: Click Here

Bar Hours:
Open Daily:
11:30am - 4pm
Dinner 4pm

The BluWater Bistro's warm decor and food presentation are only rivaled by the charm of it's frequenting neighbors, visiting boaters and the city's beautiful people. Often touted as the "in spot" since its 1997 opening, the BluWater Bistro continues to thrive serving lunch and late night dinner with a thriving bar scene. In its location overlooking the spectacular Lake Union waterfront, the BluWater Bistro was the brainchild of "restaurant savants" Dan Anderson and Bart Evans. Their decades of combined front-of-house experience and innovative cuisine blaze a trail that has made its mark on the Seattle restaurant circuit

Happy Hours:
Day Times Description
Sunday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Saturday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Friday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Thursday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Wednesday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Tuesday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks
Monday:4pm-6pm$2.50 pints, $4 wine, $4.50 bar snacks